annoying as hell    
and stressed as hell

it saddens me to see you so troubled over a girl bc i feel like there could like a line waiting for you???? but nah if she makes you happy, at the end of the day, keep fighting. (but also think abt urself ok ok)
by Anonymous

My “line” is pretty much empty haha. I want to wait for her because I really like this girl and she likes me too but it’s complicated that’s why we’re not together. I’m waiting

i wish u and ur girl gl and good stuff because y'all are sounding cute as hell already omg
by Anonymous

I kinda got dumped yesterday lol………………………. It’s complicated

this girl stresses me out so much but so god damn worth it

Its been awhile anh.
by Anonymous

It has hasn’t it

this is some fucked up shit oh my god…….

oh god I miss her